Hall I + Abra Ensemble

Hall 1, erected on the rooftop of Salame 60 in Tel Aviv, is inspired by a mathematical “illumination problem”. The problem was introduced in the 1950’s by Ernst Strauss and was solved by Sir Roger Penrose.

The solution to the illumination problem demonstrated that there exists a room with curved walls which will always have dark regions if it’s lit by a single point light source even though the light is refracted off the walls indefinitely.

I wanted to examine what would happen when I realize a physical space based on the topological properties of this concept and what would be suggested by it once it’s constructed.

Hall I was erected on the balcony of the MFA program of the Bezalel Art Academy in South Tel Aviv- a rapidly gentrifying part of the city. The building will be torn down within a year to make way for a fancy new construction project.

Building the hall was a somewhat absurd reaction to this inevitable process of urban renewal. It is an architectural parasite of sorts.

I was aware of Abra ensemble’s site-specific sound performances and was curious as to how sound would behave in Hall I given that sound waves are not dissimilar to light waves in terms of their overall physical behaviour.

Abra’s performance lent to the space a whole new meaning and honored the artistic endeavours undertaken in the condemned building upon which Hall 1 was erected.

Country/Region Tel Aviv, Israel

Designer Yasha Rozov + Abra Ensemble (IL)

Project Collaborators
Designer: Yasha Rozov
Constructor: Ofer Cohen
3D Sketches: Eitan Melamed
CNC: Amir Weiss

Video Collaborators
Abra Ensemble: Yifeat Ziv, Faye Shapiro, Noa Haran, Chanan Ben Simon
Editor & Videographer: Aviad Fuchs

Designer Contact
Web: http://yasharozov.com/site