The DOX multi-purpose hall was built during the last phase of the expansion of the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art – the largest space dedicated to contemporary art in the Czech Republic. Since the beginning, the founder and director of the DOX Centre, Leoš Válka, has intended to create a place where various artistic genres could meet. The DOX+ multi-purpose hall, designed by the Petr Hájek Architects studio and built in 2017–2018, is another important step in this direction.

The DOX+ multi-purpose hall also serves as a space for theatre and dance productions, a cinema, a lecture and presentation space, and, thanks to its superior acoustics, a first-class concert hall.

The hall capacity is 500 seats. Thanks to its parameters (the technical equipment, variable telescopic stand, interpreting booths, rehearsal space, capacity), the DOX+ hall is a new unique mid-size space in Prague. Its spatial and acoustic variability means new possibilities for multi-genre dramaturgy.  In its exhibition programme, the DOX Centre focuses on contemporary issues and on the work and presentation of Czech and foreign productions with the emphasis on their unique character and on the development of new forms of presentation. The building of the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art and the new DOX+ multi-purpose hall have a similar dramaturgy and joint operation. They create a unique complex like no other in the Czech Republic. In 2018, the DOX+ multi-purpose hall was nominated for the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture – Mies van der Rohe Award.


Country/Region Prague, Czech Republic

Design Petr Hájek architekti (CZ)

Project Collaborators
Petr Hájek, Martin Stoss, Tereza Keilová, Cornelia Klien, Cornelia Klien

Video Collaborators
Petra Římalová

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