Voces para transformar a Colombia (Voices for the Transformation of Colombia)

“Voices for the transformation of Colombia” is the first exhibition part of the historical memory museum of Colombia. It took place for the first time in Bogotá as a 1,400 square meter ephemeral pavilion. It’s an exhibition that not only explains the conflict, but brings in different questions about what Colombians think and conceive the conflict has been. This is also a space that promotes encounter and a place to talk about difficult and emotional topics, so it has to respond to local idiosyncrasy, that make people comfortable having these conversations. This exhibition has a lighter version that may travel to different places throughout the country as a pilot to test the museum script in different regions of Colombia.

Country/Region Colombia

Designer Laura Cuervo Restrepo, Antonio Yemail (CO)

Project Collaborators
Museum Director: Luis Carlos Sanchez
Exposition Director And Curator: Cristina Lleras
Curatorial Team: Museology Team
Scenographer And Art Director: Laura Cuervo Restrepo
Architecture: Antonio Yemail
Realization: H&G Studios
Production: 10 Music

Video Collaborators
Written and Edited: Laura Cuervo Restrepo
Voice: Laura Cuervo Restrepo, Cristina Lleras
Audiovisual Material: Daniel Sarmiento, Juan Pablo Daza, Maria Camila Suarez, Bild film

Venue Contact
Web: http://museodememoria.gov.co/

Designer Contact
Web: https://www.lauracuervorestrepo.com/