It is a new-media art work with participatory, interactive, and growing. It can fully combine the new-media art with the Humanities, history, customs, nature in Longli, and finally finish in the ancient building constructions of Longli. This is a works growing from Longli Town.

In an outsider’s point of view to catch the unique context of Longli town, with the simple art language and methods to trace the context of ancient town with emotion and temperature.

Invite the native people to join in, make the rubbings to the six hundred years historical trace of ancient town with new composite materials. On the one hand, rub the historical trace of ancient town to the works, on the other hand, the process of making the rubbings is the process of the activity of works itself.

Photographed and produced the project in the ancient town, Longli. In this project, the artists tried to explore the relationship between people, people and things, people and space, people and nature, people and history, and people and art festivals in the ancient city by using the camera and method of researching the rubbing of ancient monuments.

The image is projected onto a new material relief installation to show the charming Longli. Through the cooperation of multiple screens, playing the content of the same chapter on the embossed installation causes the image to re-deconstruct the content.

We invite the native artists who are inherited “face dragon” joining in the works, that painting on face, in order to engaging between artists and audiences.

Country/Region Guangdong Province, China

Designer Liang Xiqing, Zhou Wenhua, Guang Hongzhi, Wu yuzhong, Zhao Hai, Guangdong Stage Art Research Association, Liang Xiqing Huang Haiphong (CN)

Project Collaborators
Curator: Liang Xiqing
Visual Director: Zhou Wenhua
Art Director: Guang Hongzhi
Sound Designer: Wu Yuzhong
Lighting Design: Zhao Hai
Producer: Huang Haizhong
Co-Ordination: Li Yong
Co-Ordination: Yang Xiaofang
Photography: Xie Yiqiu
Behavior Art: Tao Jiang

Video Collaborators
Produce: Liang Xiqing
Director: Zhou Wenhua
Photography: Xie Yiqiu, Kong Dehua, Qin Xiaohan
Editor: Zhang Linghui
Color matching: Kong Dehua
Subtitle: Zhang Linghui

Additional Collaborators
Liang Xiqing, Zhou Wenhua,Guang Hongzhi,Wu yuzhong,Zhao Hai,Huang Haizhong,Li Yong,Yang Xiaofang,Xie Yiqiu,Tao,Jiang,Kong Dehua,Zhang Linghui,Qin Xiaoha,Hu Jia,Li Hua,Li yan,Miss Hu