The Stage Design Lab in Yongin University

The Stage Design Lab is located at Yongin University in Yongin-si, Republic of Korea. As specialization of stage art began in Korea in the 1990s, Tae-Sup Lee, a stage designer and professor, designed the space himself, judging that theoretical classes alone could be a problem for cultivating experts.

The Stage Design Lab is a two-story building. On the first floor, there is a production area, a tool room, a props room, a technical director room, and a rest room for students to relax. On the second floor, there is a costume room, a professor’s lab, and classrooms where students take classes. Yongin University is the first educational establishment to have proper professional facilities for students. In this space, students in the Department of Drama at Yongin University take classes on stage art, perform the roles of designers and directors, and make performances.

For four years, students have obtained professional knowledge and practical experience. In this process, students perform many experimental creative activities, discover their strengths and become creators that show their own style.

Country/Region Yongin-si, Republic of Korea

Designer Tae-Sup Lee, Yongin University (KR)

Project Collaborators
Architect: Tae-Sup Lee
Projection Designer: Hye-Ji Jung
Costume & Props Designer: Hyeong-Seok Yoo
Technical Director: Seo-Woo Choi
Lighting Designer: Hye-In Kwon
Lighting Director: Jong-Ho Yu
Sound Designer: Seo-Yeon Son
Stage Manager: Mi-Rae Lim
Performance Director: Se-In Kim

Video Collaborators
Director / Editor: Hye-Ji Jung
Co-Director / Scriptwriter: Hyeong-Seok Yoo
Co-Director / Recordist: Kyeong-Eun Jung
Narrator: Ho-Gil Yoo

Additional Collaborators
Ki-Duk Park, Joo-Na Kim, Hye-Weon Kim, Tae-Hwan Kim, Seon-Hyuk Kim, Young-In Park

Designer Contact