The Nikola-Lenivets Art Park

NL18 is the video dedicated to extraordinary landscape of The Nikola-Lenivets Art Park. In the age of digital networks Nikola-Lenivets Park offers a unique way to escape from digitalised reality. This location full of ancient myth spirits and great art potential. There are several theatrical festivals take place each year.

A new stage begins in the history of Nikola-Lenivets after 2000. Painter Nikolay Polissky opened a new page in his work. Leaving the easel, canvas and oil paints, he made a project unusual for Russian art of that time: a landscape installation from snow.

At the beginning of the new journey, Nikolay Polissky created projects with peasants, local residents from the nearby villages. The joint work of the artist and peasants became the conceptual foundation of the project, and in many ways defined the aesthetics, the value system, and the spirit of freedom.

Residents  Vasily Kopeiko, Anna Shchetinina, and Vasily Shchetinin joined in the festival organisation. Hospitality and cuisine were provided by the people of nearby villages. Yulia Bychkova and Anton Kochurkin took on the curatorial work and managed to invite more than two dozen architects to the first Arkhstoyanie Festival.

Thanks to the work of Nikolay Polissky and the Arkhstoyanie Festival, the area around the village began to filled with art objects occupying more and more new spaces. The abandoned village fields and forests began to transform into an art park with space for exposition and service infrastructure.

Country/Region Kaluga Region, Russia

Designer Sergej Morozov (RU)

Project Collaborators
Director: Sergej Morozov
Composer: Dmitri Kourliandski
Cinematographer: Maxim Khokholov
Drone Operator: Alexander Korolev
Costume Designer: Alexandra Kharina
Performer: Victor Timofejev

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