Reviving Atabak Local Street

Reviving-Reclaiming unsafe local area through performance : An unsafe, empty urban space in Atabak was turned into a children’s theatre, through Shokoofa NGO art class. The event was held as celebrating the epic poet Ferdosi on his national day, to affect cultural identity in the area and boost the feeling of belonging to local space among children. These empty fields, usually used here as places of drug users and urban crimes, do not feel safe for people. The performance was planned through Shokoofa NGO art class, which is a trusted institute among locals. The selected story/poem Zaal and Simorgh (mythical bird) was based on the theme of child growth and desires, as analyzed by our team psychologist Amirhossein Kamyar. Storytelling by Sara Sajadi was a co-reading of the poem together with children, trying to imagine the scenes. For a deeper challenge we made paintings and masks for each character, and on the event day, Ehsan Paydar theatre group helped kids in diverse groups to make their own plays out of the “desire” theme. In the story, Simorgh gives 3 feathers to Zaal, asking to “burn them whenever you need me for help”. These feathers are symbols for our hopes, so we made a big Simorgh and each kid made 3 feathers for her/himself and wrote her desires on them, sticking to it, and we presented in the street gallery, as “the Simorgh of desires”. In the street show every child took a part of the story to describe. As the specific desired outcome, neighbors and even young locals, usually engaged in drug matters, came for help and participated in our street show.

Country/Region Tehran, Iran

Designer Bahar Seirafi (IR)

Project Collaborators
Event Design and Director: Bahar Seirafi
Shokoofa NGO Director: Maryam Siadat
Actress and Director: Sara Sajadi
Analyzing the Mythical Poem: Amirhossein Kamyar
Director: Ehsan Paydar
Performer and Director: Shiva Fallahi, Sonia Sanjari, Ehsan Falahatpisheh

Video Collaborators
Bahar Seirafi

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