New Synagogue

Completed in 1931, the Neological synagogue in the historical centre of Žilina is one of the most important buildings in Slovakia to have been built in the modern style. It is the only work in Slovakia designed by renowned German architect Peter Behrens. Its concept was very progressive, it was built entirely out of reinforced concrete. It served the local Jewish community for less than two decades before the tragic World Wall II., after which it housed a university, a concert and theatre hall, and a cinema. Since 1963 it has been a national cultural monument. The reconstruction was started by NGO Truc sphérique in 2011. This association was at that time already running the culture centre Station Žilina- Záriečie. It had rented the building for 30 years from the Jewish Religious Community in Žilina. In 2017 the space re-opened as a centre for contemporary culture. The seven-year reconstruction cost 1.5 million euros, one half of which was covered by private sources. A large part was crowdfunded in a public collection – there were more than 3,000 people who contributed. The second half of the funds came from public sources – particularly the EEA Grants, EU funds, the Slovak Ministry of Culture, and the city of Žilina. The work is worth 2-3 million euros because many things were done for free. The project received the Bauwelt Advancement Award 2013 in Germany and the special prize Patron of the Architecture at the CE-ZA-AR Awards in 2017 and in 2018 in Slovakia. It was nominated for the  European Mies van der Rohe Award in 2018.

Country/Region Žilina, Slovakia

Designer Martin Jančok, PLURAL, Adamov,Blaščák (SK)

Project Collaborators
Iniciator: Marek Adamov, Fedor Blaščák
Head Architect: Martin Jančok
Investor´s Supervision: Ján Gašparovič
Fundraiser: Robo Blaško
Head Restorer: Jan Janda
Owner: Pavel Frankl/Jewish Religious Community
Heritage Supervision: Vladimír Majtán
Architect: Michal Janák, Eva Štrocholcová

Video Collaborators
Director, Editor: Petr Kotrha
Screenwriter: Michal Baláž
Composer: Peter Mikloš
Producer: The Theatre Institute Bratislava

Additional Collaborators
Michal Sirotiak, Katarína Kyselová, Vladimír Kohút, Ondrej Marko, Martin Tencer, Danka Ollahová, Eva Kišková-Červeňanová, Ľubo Keľha, Ján Daniš, Pavol Niňaj, Laura Murguia Sanchez, Lenka Balážová, Jozef Vojtaššák, Zdenka Mikulová, Vladimír Benedik

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