Migration captures and shares the identity of places, the memory of yesterday, and the blank page of tomorrow.

By deploying an architectural kit composed of polymorphic panels, Migration interferes with the city, the neighboring residents, inhabitants and passers-by, giving free rein to a collective intelligence.

Each performance event becomes a time of experimentation and reflection shared with audiences on the definition of an alternative urbanity. Thinking of a mobile and evolutionary city, Migration takes and transforms what already exists, offers a space for cultural exchange, values social innovation, and searches for economic alternatives.

Migration consists of audio-visual spaces, listening areas, reading and free expression zones, performance stages, which adapt to each context and evolve on different sites. The architectural modules deployed in the public space can integrate sound, light, and videos. Hereby they become a projection area and can be modulated as an interactive and audiovisual display.

The site specific and spectacular performances of that contextual work, for free and in public place, increase the number of people directly involved.  The material (tangible and intangible) shared by all persons involved allow a territorial anchorage. Tailor-made and connected to its audiences its presence can be sighted immediately leaving a trace after it has departed. Through Migration, experiences of living together at the scale of contact are practiced: social immersion, appropriation of architectural structures, (inter)-cultural permanence.

Country/Region Lyon, France

Designer KompleX KapharnaüM (FR)

Project Collaborators
Artistic Director – KompleX KapharnaüM: Pierre Duforeau
Artistic Director – KompleX KapharnaüM: Stéphane Bonnard
Architect and graphic designer – Collectif J’MRé: Romain Corre
Engineer – Les Structographes: Simon Zerbib
Assistant Project Manager: Frédérick Borrotzu
Construction – Cabestan: Thomas Basseguy
Construction – Cabestan: Yannick Chay

Video Collaborators
Recording and Editing: Marcello Valente
Photos: Thomas Basseguy, Vincent Muteau

Additional Collaborators
Pauline Bance, Cabestan, Elodie Elsenberger, Gilles Gallet, Marion Gatier, Vincent Guillermin, Adrien Jolivet, Floriane Rigaud, Timothée Ritlewski, Doriane Roche, Nicolas Thiry, Arnaud Van Cortenbosch, Clément Rossi

Venue Contact
Web: https://www.kxkm.net/fr/projets/migration
FB: https://www.facebook.com/Komplexkapharnaum/

Designer Contact
Web: https://www.collectifjmre.com/#/maps
FB: https://www.facebook.com/Collectif-JMR%C3%A9-1771536896393829/