Levitating Theatre

The Levitating Theatre was conceived as an idea questioning the boundaries that currently lie between different expressions of art in form of sight, taste, and form. A performance was envisioned that combined the arts of the scenographer and the chef through the orchestration of an architect, with the vision to expand the performance beyond the physical and visual, and into the realm of sensory and engagement.

A fluid platform was poured through the trees, creating pockets of spaces for synchronic movements, allowing for multiple scenarios to be visually relished and embedded into a natural environment. The lack of surrounding walls demands the reception of the surrounding as the backdrop to the performance. The stage floats, as like a spaceship, that becomes for a moment, a Levitating Theatre holding the bridge, the conversation and the network between the arts of this world.  The audiences sits around the Dining Table, synchronously used as the stage, and together, the feast and the act comes together as a singular performance.

Video https://youtu.be/VcRDAOZiKrc

Country/Region Bronice-Kolonia, Poland

Designer Unism Studio (UK)

Project Collaborators
Architectural Designer + Maker (Builder): Artur Zakrzewski
Architectural Designer + Maker (Builder): Konrad Weka
Maker (Builder): Paulina Michalewska
Scenographer (Lecturer in Theatre History): Agnieszka Koecher-Hensel
Chef: Marek Flisiński
Administration: Martyna Groth
Client: Polish branch of the International Theatre Institute and Association of Bronice Manor House
Sponsor: Naleczów Zdrój S.A. (Cisowianka + Perlage + Water&Wine)

Video Collaborators
Filming + Montage: Artur Zakrzewski
Filming + Montage: Konrad Weka

Venue Contact
FB: https://www.facebook.com/ITIPoland/

Designer Contact
Web: https://www.unismstudio.net/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/unismstudio/
IG: https://www.instagram.com/unismstudio/