Imperishable/Abandoned Airplane. México.

Tampico, Tamaulipas is one of the cities most affected by violence in Mexico. In 2017, a scenic project began inside of an abandoned airplane. Now, this airplane is a continuous intervention scene organized by the Mexica program Theater for the End of the World. Generating an alternative treatment to organized crime among the Mexican community. Promoting aesthetic creation platforms in theater design and devastated architecture in contexts of violence. I feel that the project is facing the territory in conflict, putting in context that Mexico is a country where the violence lives, abuse of power, drugs trafficking, and the facting power of the country. I feel we are very lucky to work on the plane, we could talk about life and death. From the transparency, we could talk about the border, we could talk about the periphery.That the plane was abandoned suggested a lot.

Country/Region Tamaulipas, Mexico

Designer Angel Hernández (MX)

Project Collaborators
Stefany Duarte, Estefania Vega, Sabina Hernández, Mario Deance, Lucero Arreola, Nora Arreola

Video Collaborators
Victor Casanova, Moises Guzmán, Esduardo Hinojosa

Additional Collaborators
Refugio Hernández, Aurelio Hernandez, Mario Alberto Hernandez

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