Bing Concert Hall

Bing Concert Hall exemplifies the seamless integration of architecture, acoustics and technology to transform the practice, study and experience of the performing arts.

A beacon above the trees, the concert hall drum draws the eye and establishes the building as an arts anchor and destination, visible from multiple vantage points on campus and the surrounding community.  The building is conceived as an organic form, with no straight lines, no formal axes, no symmetries, no front and back; however, it retains the distinctive color and materiality of Stanford’s architecture.

Continuous glass walls surrounding the hall blur the distinction between exterior and interior and open the façade to the exterior colonnades, a contemporary expression of a traditional Stanford typology.

The oval-shaped, vineyard-style hall, whose terraced seating sections ring the stage, creates an intimate concert experience for both audience and performer. Large convex-shaped sails circling the hall provide optimal acoustic reflection or absorption and are also designed as screens for video projection.

To support Stanford Live, which brings a variety of artists to campus, including jazz, spoken word, experimental musicians and performers, as well as Stanford’s Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA), state-of-the-art lighting, variable acoustics, sound reinforcement, video projection, simulcast, and mixing and recording technologies accommodate unamplified musical performances and meet the highest acoustical standards.

Country/Region California, United States

Designer Ennead Architects (USA)

Project Collaborators
Design Architect: Richard Olcott
Management Partner: Timothy Hartung
Project Designer: Stephen Chu

Video Collaborators
Co-Editor: Aislinn Weidele, Ennead Architects
Co-Editor: Eric Koziol, Stanford University

Additional Collaborators
Steven Peppas, Chris Andreacol, Mahasti Fakourbayat, M. Gregory Clawson, Andrew Sniderman, Gary Anderson, Charmian Place, Andrew Burdick, Jeffrey Geisinger, Kyo-Young Jin, Joerg Kiesow, Gihong Kim, Lindsay McCullough, Yong Kyun Roh, Aimee St. Germain

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