Alley Theatre Renovation

The Alley Theatre has enriched lives of Houstonians for over 70 years; it’s one of the three oldest resident theatres in the United States. The Alley produces more than 500 performances yearly of a broad repertoire and innovative productions of the classics with a Resident Company of actors. This project is the first major renovation to the iconic Ulrich Franzen building since its opening in 1968.

The project focused on bettering the experience of the patron and the actor, as well as creating a modern theater with greater flexibility to accommodate theatrical and technical demands of today’s creative teams. The shape of the house was reworked to create a tighter audience radius, remove sight-line obstructions and double the size of the stage with a deeper thrust, which provides the audience a more intimate experience with the actors. Back of house was re-designed to provide Break Rooms, Dressing Rooms, Green Room, Warm-Up Room, a Trap Room beneath the stage and a four-story flyloft with a fully automated rigging system. The lobby and front of house for public and staff was enhanced with the creation of pre-function spaces, enlarged restrooms, and catering facilities. Without changing the basic architectural layout, interior or exterior, the renovation has transformed the theatre from top to bottom. The design modernized the facility while keeping the rich history and tradition of the Alley intact. The essence of the beloved building was not changed, yet the renovation improved the patrons’ experience and created a space that is capable of producing a wide-range of shows.

Country/Region Texas, United States

Designer Studio Red Architects (US)

Project Collaborators
Partner – In – Charge, Architect: Pete Ed Garrett
General Manager, Alley Theatre: Ten Eyck Swackhamer
Project Manager, Architect:  Jared Wood
Associate Director for Design, Alley Theatre:  Kevin Rigdon
Project Architect:  Gwyndolyn Mowbray
Theatre Designer:  Bill Conner
Acoustician:  Mark Holden

Video Collaborators
Producer:  Small Screen Producers
Coordinator:  Meeks Marketing

Additional Collaborators
Cardno Haynes Whaley, BURY, Charter Sills, Irvine Team, DG Studios, Worrell Design Group, Hughes & Associates

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