Theatre on the Podil

The film describes the story of turning a XIX Ct. residential building in Kyiv, Ukraine into the facility for a known resident repertory theatre company. The planning, design, and construction lasted for more than 20 years and went into several stages of re-designing. The current version, supported by the private funding of the incumbent President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, caused a lot of controversy and public outrage about the exterior look of the building that, as the protesters think, does not fit the historical and architectural context of the neighbourhood. The film presents different opinions and shows how, despite the controversial exterior, the interior of the building and stage technologies utilized in it not only serve the needs of a resident company but make the facility arguably the most technically advanced in the nation.

Country/Region Ukraine

Designer Architect  Oleg  Drozdov (UA)

Project Collaborators
Architect:  Oleg  Drozdov
Consultant: Vitaly Malakhov
Theatre Engineer: Oleksandr Riabenko
Conceived  and Edited:   by Pavlo Bosyy

Video Collaborators
Aleksandr  Kozachenko
Camera by SKRYPIN.UA
Сніданок з 1+1

Additional Collaborators
Alla Serhijko, Oksana Palanychko

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