The Living Stage NYC

The Living Stage NYC explores how community engaged performance spaces can foster dialogue and build social capital. The Living Stage is a global initiative which combines stage design, horticulture and community engagement to create recyclable, biodegradable, biodiverse and edible performance spaces. The Living Stage NYC took place in Meltzer Towers Courtyard on the Lower East Side of Manhattan in collaboration with a vibrant cohort of linguistically and ethnically diverse seniors, fifth graders and gardener-residents. Over the course of six weeks, the asphalt lined park was transformed into a space of lush greenery along with vibrant art installations and eclectic performances that celebrated the community’s identity and potential.

Country/Region USA

Designer Tanja Beer, Superhero Clubhouse, XDEA Architects and University Settlement (US, AU)

Project Collaborators
Lead Artist/Designer: Tanja Beer
Co-producer/Project Director: Superhero Clubhouse
Co-producer: University Settlement
Co-designer: XDEA

Video Collaborator
Dylan Lopez

Designer Contact