Temporary Open-Air Theatre – Unirio

Located on a slope of a high hill, near the Centre of Languages and Arts Studies, The Temporary Open-Air Theatre at UNIRIO – created by architects and performance designers of the Laboratory of Theatrical Space and Urban Memory Studies – coordinated by architect Evelyn F. W. Lima – was adequate for staging some fragments of The Tempest. The production took place in December 2016, throughout the events of the 400th Anniversary of Shakespeare´s Death at the Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro. Resources used for construction came from the university and from architect Lima. The specific site was a clearing in the woods in Mario de Andrade Garden, a space with luxurious vegetation where the architects designed a concrete platform, a metallic practicable with three different levels and a staircase. Initially the architectural project included fishing nets to cover the screens, at the suggestion of the performance designers, but, in the end, the architects built the screens out of metallic articulated frames with white nylon nets that would change their texture according to the stage lighting. Putting together some records of the play staged in 2016, the five-minute video explains the theatre joint and collaborative design in the “found space”. Students and professors in the audience interacted with the performers and applauded the theatre architecture, considering it fit for that and other productions as proved in some of their statements after the event. The open-air theatre has been used to stage small productions in the campus for many months.

Country/Region Brazil

Designer Evelyn F.W. Lima/Laboratory of Theatrical Spaces and Urban Memory Studies (BR)

Project Collaborators
Leader Architect: Evelyn F. W.Lima
Architect: Francisco Leocádio, Sara Fagundes
Performance Designers: Joana Lavalée, Débora Estruc, Carolina Lyra, Ana Paula Brasil, Regilan Pereira, Carla Costa
Performance Design Advisor: Luiz Henrique Sá

Video Collaborators
Director: Evelyn F. W. Lima
Co-Director: Milena Fernandes
Screenplay and Subtitles in English: Evelyn F. W .Lima
Photography and Images: Milena Fernandes
Lighting Designer: Ana Paula Brasil
Costume Designer Regilan Pereira
Stage Director: Raphael Janeiro
Performers: Edson Santiago, Raphael Janeiro, Natalia Gadiolli

Additional Collaborators
Carlos Alberto Nunes, Carole Gubernikoff

Venue Contact
Web: http://www4.unirio.br/espacoteatral/evento-extensao#ancora_20

Designer Contact
Web: http://www4.unirio.br/espacoteatral
FB: https://www.facebook.com/LaboratorioDeEstudosDoEspacoTeatralEMemoriaUrbana/