Ryerson School of Performance

The film describes the challenges, difficulties, and successes of turning a found space into the new performance and educational facility of  Ryerson School of  Performance, Canada.

Country/Region Canada

Designer Zeidler Partnership  Architects + Snøhetta Consulted by  Sholem Dolgoy (CA)

Project Collaborators
Conceived and Edited, Camera: Pavlo Bosyy, John Hajdu
Designed: Zeidler Partnership  Architects + Snøhetta
Conceived and Edited: Sholem Dolgoy
Music: Sheldon DeSouza

Video Collaborators
John Hajdu
Pavlo Bosyy

Additional Collaborators
Dr. Peggy Shannon, Vicki St.Denys, Caroline O’Brien, Dr. Cynthia Ashperger, Peter Fleming

Venue Contact
Web: https://ryersonperformance.ca/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/ryersonschoolofperformance/

Designer Contact
Web: https://zeidler.com/