Performance Space as Collective Biography – Theatriki Skini Chiliomodiou

We visit Chiliomodi, a small town near Corinth, Greece. My place of birth.

Theatriki Skini is a theatre group made by local people. It was formed at the very beginning of a long and hard financial crisis, by the need to make dreams happen, to make theatre, no matter what.

I have been the scenographer and the architect of the group from the very start.

The Performance Architecture of Theatriki Skini includes two buildings that are one “Performance Space”. An old warehouse is transformed to a temporary/ephemeral outdoors performance space, for one summer production each year. It lives every summer. In addition to this, a space in the centre of the town was re-designed to a smaller indoors theatre. It is the “permanent home” of the group and hosts smaller theatre productions in the winter. It lives throughout the year. The two performance spaces define the existence of the group. Performance space is an inseparable part of the group’s collective biography.

The cultural landscape of the town has been transformed by the existence of the group, and by the transformation of the two buildings to performance spaces. In this video, I revisit both “theatres” in February 2018, and invite members of Theatriki Skini for a gathering and reflective talk inside the small indoors theatre.

How, performance architecture and my involvement, contributed in making their dream happen? How do they feel about their “performance space”? What architecture is “important” – and what “architecture” is “non-important”?

Country/Region Greece

Designer Andreas Skourtis – Performing Architectures (UK)

Video Collaborators
Co-Director: Andreas Skourtis
Co-Director and Editing: Panos Andrianos
Photography – Cinematography: Michalis Andrianos

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