Meyerhold and the Cubists

Meyerhold and the Cubists, written by Amy Skinner, was shortlisted for the Best scenography and stage design publication award at this year’s Prague Quadrennial. The book was sold-out during the first two days at the PQ Book Shop. But there is a great opportunity for you to purchase it directly from Intellect Books.

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This book offers a rich analysis of collage practices in the theater of Vsevolod Meyerhold. Focusing on the philosophical and formal tenets of the form, and supporting her analysis with wide-ranging examples from both theater and fine art, Amy Skinner develops collage as a framework for reading the whole of the theatrical experience, from scenography and mise-en-scène to text and spectatorship. An innovative exploration of the influence of collage on twentieth- and twenty-first-century theater, Meyerhold and the Cubists will be essential for theater scholars and practitioners alike.