Czech Radio Vltava live broadcast & concert

ArtCafé (Czech Radio Vltava) live broadcast and concert Zlámal, Cremaschi, Mäkelä
Central Hall
7 June, 4 – 6 p.m.

On Friday, June 7, the cultural magazine ArtCafé will be dedicated to the 14th Prague Quadriennal. This time, the programme will not be broadcast from the studio of the Czech Radio Vltava station but directly from a festival stand at the Výstaviště exhibition ground where the event takes place until June 16. The topic of the festival is stage design: from performing arts, to costume, light and sound design, to street art, about which Veronika Štefanová will talk in Friday’s episode of ArtCafé with Markéta Fantová, the Prague Quadriennal’s art director, Pavla Beranová, a light designer who leads the working group of one of the festival’s most extraordinary projects called 36Q°, visual artist Tereza Stehlíková, and Ivo Kristián Kubák, the curator of the Czech exposition as well as one of the most prominent co-production projects in the history of Czech theatre, CAMPQ. Music will be provided live by the Zlámal, Cremaschi, Mäkelä trio, an international formation of well-experienced musicians all of whom are significant personages of the Czech contemporary improvisational, experimental and conceptual scene. Even though the trio has been founded recently, its members know each other very well from various musical cooperation projects, i. e. the Prague Improvisation Orchestra which George Cremanschi is the director of. Moreover, he and Pavel Zlámal perform regularly as an improvisational duo, counterweighted by Zlámal’s Divergent Connections Orchestra in Brno.