Prague Quadrennial meets NEONE: It’s on the roof!

NEONE is an audiovisual pop-up, where the latest trends in electronic music meet innovative visuals, and creative ideas encounter open-minded people. It is going to transform the two spacious terraces of Křižík Pavilions into a homey spot with a chillout-zone and a bar, with a beautiful view of the Stromovka park.

Expect a subtle flirtation between the club and theatre scenes, a place to get together, a temporary stage where anything can happen…

6 June
#1 First Act

It’s Thursday, early evening and you have entered the rooftop and Kuba’93 & WZ are opening the night with mellow breaks, you’re sipping on a beer and smiling at the moon. The lights are put in motion and their beams meet in the dimming sky. When you see a star falling, you order another drink.

Prague 2019, 20°C, fair weather

19:00 Kuba’93 & WZ
21:30 Silhouette aka Vision of 1994
23:00 Mike.H & Kredenc

7 June
#Friday, I’m In Love

It’s Friday, around 3 pm, and you are waiting for your own shadow, sipping on a cold brew. The weekend is ahead of us and you have the feeling that something special is going to happen. Feel the sun, see the wind.

Prague 2019, 26°C, sunny

19:00 Evening Affairs: nrmn, Alfred Czital, Eva Porating

8 June
#Saturday Night Fever

It’s Saturday, a warm evening and the metal towers are shivering from vibrations of the sub-basses. The stroboscope flashes are creating an afterimage on your retina. The mist wipes off the borders of spacetime. The wine has light fruit notes. You order another round with new and old friends.

Prague 2019, 25°C, warm evening

14:00 Page Five – bookstore pop-up
Malé Černé – second-hand pop-up
Amansoycandles – aroma therapy pop-up

14:00 Punctum Takeover: dMIT.RY, MA* (Raketón), Raphael Kosmos, Kadever, Tono, Marie Pravda

9 June
#Sunday, Sunday

It’s Sunday afternoon and you are kind of lazy, laying in a hammock on the roof, talking to a cloud shaped like a duck. Your friend has just brought you a Summertime Sadness (Neone x PQ drink) and you feel its bittersweet taste. The cloud asks you to close your eyes and the music takes you to a far away galaxy where anything is possible.

Prague 2019, 20°C, fresh south-west breeze is blowing

14:00 Kreslírna – paper workshop
Page Five – bookstore pop-up
Malé Černé – second-hand pop-up
Amansoycandles – aroma therapy pop-up

14:00 Ava Kolektiv: Moving spaces (live), Thistle (live), Tatratank (live), t16c (live), Ssnurssla, Elastic, Shakaali

10 June
#Blue Monday

It’s Monday, before noon. You took home office to hang around on a sunbed and enjoy the view with delicious ice cream while pretending to be busy behind your laptop. The tree leaves are rustling in your ears, and from time to time, the wind cools you with a drizzle from the misting sprinkler. You turn your eyes towards the sun and watch it until it becomes a square.

Prague 2019, 26°C, partly cloudy

19:00 Evening Affairs: Motch + Losko
21:00 Mezipatra presents: Best of Queer Shorts @Střídačka

11 June
#Sixth Act

It’s Tuesday, around 8 pm, drinking a Shining Star (NEONE x PQ drink). Two Pixels Above have just begun their live act, you feel the vibrations in your body as your boo approaches you and you think to yourself: “What if life is just a dream?”

Prague 2019, 26°C, partly cloudy

12:00 Hot Yoga with Anna Ribanská
14:00 @vyhrabane – second-hand pop-up
19:00 Evening Affairs: Nitrous, Two Pixels Above live, Moonspotter + Touchwood

12 June
#Wednesday – 1012hPa

It’s on Wednesday, at 4 pm. You have finished work earlier because you’re meeting an old friend on the roof. The beer is refreshing, and you think back to the good old days. Citty has just plugged in his modular. You huddle up in the cloud and invite your friend for a shot.

Prague 2019, 22°C, foggy weather

14:00 @vyhrabane – second-hand pop-up
19:00 Modular Synth Jam: Citty, Scannt, Lotus Wash, Julia

13 June
#Čtvrtek – Small Friday

It’s Thursday, at 1 pm. The hot yoga class has just finished. A stranger invites you for a coffee. You feel like everything is happening for some reason. The weather is fair, the wind cools you down and you whisper your story to the sun. You get this movie feeling.

Prague 2019, 22°C, sunshine

19:00 Radio 1 Takeover: NCOL, Bratři, Sundays on Clarendon Road & Přesdržku Djs

14 June

Finally, it’s Friday, the night is young. It’s getting hot in here. The stars navigate you through the darkness. You are dancing on the right side, not with strangers, but with friends, you haven’t met yet. One of them suggests flying to the moon and back and you say yes, yes!

Prague 2019, 25°C, warm night

12:00 Hot Yoga with Anna Ribanská
14:00 Saaczech – zero waste pop-up, Buffet – fashion pop-up

19:00 Evening Affairs: Unizone, eva01 + New Magic Media

15 June
#After Friday, before Sunday

It’s Saturday, late afternoon. The sun is sinking into the horizon, a fresh south-west breeze is blowing. Dj Dash is on duty, warming up the crowd with hypnotic melodies. Your ex is here. You feel electric and ask the bartender for a Coco Bitch (NEONE x PQ drink).

Prague 2019, 27°C, clear sky

12:00 NeverEnough – fashion pop-up
14:00 Paon Label – fashion pop-up, Buffet – fashion pop-up
19:00 Evening Affairs: Not_me, Dash, Arnii, Vik

16 June
#Goodbye, My Love

It’s Sunday, after lunch, you enter the terrace for the last time, but as they say, it’s not over, until it’s really over. Sip on homemade lemonade. Love is in the air. The sun invites you to follow it, just reach for it and feel the lightness of being.

Prague 2019, 25°C, fair weather

14:00 Label Music Labels (Af)fair
15:00 HerbaFabrica – The Great Feed Neone – Flowers Sale
19:00 Closing with local music labels