PQ+ offers diversity in understanding performing arts and scenography

One of the Prague Quadrennial’s project is PQ + which is being prepared by the Arts and Theater Institute. PQ+ program presents contemporary performance art with an emphasis on stage design. Visitors will see not only the showcase of Czech production of experimental and physical theatre but also international artists, actors and dancers. Beside it, there are also installations, guided tours and exhibitions of Czech puppets and theatrical photographs as a part of the program.

Tanec Praha Festival has prepared a unique cross-section of the contemporary Czech dance scene. There will be a total of 8 productions created by renowned personalities such as Viktor Černický (Pli), Věra Ondrašíková (Guide) and Barbora Látalová (Karneval zvířat). In the PQ+ program, significant Czech dance ensembles such as ME-SA or VerTeDance will also be given space.

At the National Theater, Petra Tejnorová will present her Address to Nation, and an outstanding interactive theatrical experience will be offered the Brothel L’Amour. Don’t miss out on Jan Mocek’s Shadow Meadow, Noon and The WARdrobe performed by Continuo Theater or The Depths prepared by Wariot Ideal. And enjoy Petr Nikl’s Yellow Darkness that promises a colourful melodrama where light becomes a musical instrument that takes us to unknown worlds.

Among the most memorable events of the PQ + program is Night in the City, which will take place on June 14 and on 16 June at the DOX Center for Contemporary Art.

For tickets go to http://bit.ly/PQplus2019_en

More info about the PQ+ project find at http://bit.ly/pq_plus_en