Winner Announcement of PQ 2019 Best Publication Scenography Award

The jury greatly appreciates the high quality of all the publications submitted to the PQ 2019 Best Publication Scenography Award competition. The range of scenographic interests, points of views, the wealth of scenographic activities around the world, the innovative research and discoveries are staggering and have made it particularly difficult for the jury to adjudicate. The jury therefore decided to publish a longlist of twenty selected publications and a shortlist of eight publications to acknowledge and celebrate the quality and riches of the books submitted for the prize. For the longlist and the shortlist, please see HERE.

There were of course a few titles that were very loosely related to even a very inclusive understanding of scenography; while often remarkable as publications in their own right, they have not been included in the narrower selections. The jury regrets that there were several publications that came out only a few weeks outside the set criteria, either before or after the publication range. There is hope that these wonderful books will win their recognition in other prizes just like they won the admiration of the jury.

After hours spent with the submitted publications, several meetings and long discussions, the jury has agreed wholeheartedly on the selections – of the longlist, the shortlist as well as the final winners. While this process of deliberation was particularly difficult, it was spent in company of beautifully crafted books that present enriching knowledge in an aesthetically accomplished manner – in format, illustrations, graphic design, typeset and overall execution. The winners combine a range of outstanding qualities, from incisive reflection of theatre and performance practice, an appreciative awareness of traditions and histories, groundbreaking archival research, cultural diversity and inclusivity, research rigour to the beauties of the book as an artefact in its own right. The authors, editors, book designers, typesetters, publishers and distributors as well as all those who have contributed to this harvest of scenographic publications need to be commended for their outstanding efforts.

In selecting the books for the longlist, the shortlist and the finalist two awards, the jury would like to acknowledge and celebrate the impressive achievement and the artistic, academic, intellectual and humanist accomplishment that produced these publications and turned the PQ 2019 Best Publication Scenography Award into a feast of scenography as a discipline.

 PQ 2019 Best Publication Scenography Award

Costume in Performance: Materiality, Culture, and the Body
Author: Donatella Barbieri (with a contribution from Melissa Trimingham)
Publisher: Bloomsbury Academic, 2017
ISBN 9781474271400

It is only in the past few years that costume has gained more consistent critical attention, and Donatella Barbieri’s Costume in Performance: Materiality, Culture, and the Body in Performance, with contributions by Melissa Trimingham, is an outstanding example of it. It is an excellently researched book, rich with visual materials, that highlights the potential and agency of costume as a “dialogic element of performance with its own, often complex and constructed meanings” (167). Barbieri’s narrative is complex, yet accessible, meticulously researched in archives, weaving together analyses of historical costumes with case studies of contemporary use of costume in performance to reveal the significance of costume and costumed body in performance making and beyond. It is a challenging, thought-provoking and beautifully crafted book that crucially contributes to our understanding of performance design/scenography.

Honorary PQ 2019 Scenography Publication Award

Setting the stage: 12 fortællinger on Scenography
Author: Trine Ross
Publisher: Lindhardt og Ringhof, 2018
ISBN 9788711692554

The jury also wishes to recognize Setting the Stage: 12 Narratives on Scenography with an honorary award for the ways it presents and represents scenography, its elements and processes, in its different genres/forms, and reflects present day scenographic practice in an inspired and inspiring fashion, and because it does so not only through written narrative, but also through stunning visual materials.

Selection Jury

Barbora Příhodová (Curator of PQ Talks, Villanova University, USA)
Šárka Havlíčková Kysová (Editor-in-Chief of Theatralia, Masaryk University, CZ)
Pavel Drábek (Curator of PQ Talks, University of Hull, UK)