Meet Artistic Leader of 36Q°´s Blue Hour, Romain Tardy!

Romain Tardy, considered one of the world´s best creator of AV installations, soundscape, performance and lighting designs, is an artistic leader of Blue Hour, the large-scale installation that will be created in collaboration with other professionals coming to PQ 2019 (Pavla Beranová, Tereza Stehlíková, Rob Kaplowitz, Joris Weijdom, Paul Cegys, Shannon Harvey). The in-situ installation will poetically question our relationship within reality enhanced by digital technologies.

Renowned for his videomapping installations and as a principal member of European visual label ANTIVJ (2008-2013), Tardy is already well-known to Czech audience from SIGNAL Festival (2013 and 2018) and Lunchmeat Festival (2010). Besides Czech Republic, Tardy´s tangible and offline art installations have been seen in more than 15 countries including collaborations with Jay Z, Murcof or Flying Lotus.