PQ Talks

PQ Talks offers a space for diverse ideas within the artistic and academic communities to understand the different ways performance design is conceived by artists within different cultures and diverse traditions.

Curated by Pavel Drábek & Barbora Příhodová
6-15 June
Křižík Pavilion E 

PQ Talks engages critical debate of what performance design and scenography was, is, and could be, andaims to reflect trends in contemporary scenography: raising questions around collaboration, techniques, and artistic processes, their underlying principles, sources, and innovations. Discussion panels, round tables, keynote presentations and ten-minute flashtalks grouped in broad thematic blocks seek to offer a space for diversity and variety of artistic and academic ideas, their conceptions, communities, cultures, and traditions. Through discussion, wonder, doubt, provocation, analysis, theorization, and celebration of the creative, intellectual and cultural riches of scenography in our world, PQ Talks taps into the untried and the indeterminate  looking for blind spots, and things that we don’t know rather than repeating what is known; exploring not only the image, the artifact and the message, but also the unknowns, the possible, the uncertain, the once-to-be and the playful.

Distinguished Keynote Speakers excel in different artistic disciplines: Stefano Poda (IT) is an opera director and scenographer, Olivia Lomenech Gill (UK), an illustrator and printmaker, and the international team of artists and curators for 36Q° who will reflect on the vanishing boundaries between the physical and digital world. In collaboration with the Goethe-Institut in Prague and Theater der Zeit we welcome the theatre visionaries Bettina Meyer (DE), and Annette Kurz (DE) & Luk Perceval (BE). Additionally, Rosane Muniz (BR) moderates a discussion on international curatorial practices between Jochen Volz (DE/BR), General Director of Pinacoteca de São Paulo, Kate Bailey (UK), senior curator and producer at the V&A Museum in London and PQ 2019 Jury Member, and Markéta Fantová (CZ), PQ’s Artistic Director. We will also host discussion panels of international “legends” of scenography and performance design represented in Fragments, of the PQ 2019 international team of curators; and of scenography and performance design publication platforms and journals.

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