Exhibition of Countries and Regions

The Exhibition of Countries and Regions is a competitive exhibition where the essence of the current developments in performance design, collaboration, and the temporal transformative energy of scenography are at the very heart of the curatorial vision. Rather than creating an elaborate exhibition, national curators were challenged to create a unique scenographic landscape, an environment with strong emotional impact on the audience that offers a memorable experience while showcasing the work of performance designers.

6-16 June
Right Wing of the Industrial Palace Krizik Pavilion B 

“Performance design” has many meanings and interpretations with “porous borders”and thresholds we cross as both creators and audiences. With each edition of PQ we expand the borders of “performance design”; but as we look for new developments, we should not try to define, intellectualize, sort and label what are its exact components. Design for performance can happen in theatre, public space, or in the middle of a lake. We are free to dream, use any approach, borrow from any discipline, from technology, painting, sculpture, architecture, or build an environment solely out of sound or light. There are no boundaries other than the ones we make for ourselves and the only limits are our own fears.