Student Exhibition

The Student Exhibition offers a peek into the boundless imagination of young, creative minds. It shows some of the most inspiring ideas of performance design that might otherwise stay hidden away in designer's drawers, never to be realized or seen by anyone. The beginning utopian sketches, thoughts, and objects do not only bring new perspectives and inspire, but also often become the foundation of important future design work.

6-16 June 
Left Wing of the Industrial Palace

Imagination is the link to infinite possibilities and an origin from which genuine creative insights arise. It is a doorway into the place where we dream up and conceive new worlds, universes with their own inner laws and utopias. We draw them up pushed by urge to share our thoughts with others, and hide them when they don’t seem to fit the limits of the production. The exhibition brings drawings, notes, models, searches for the deeper meanings, and the glimpses of the far corners of fantastic inner worlds.