Performance Space Exhibition

The Performance Space Exhibition showcases a wide range of possibilities for theatre architecture, from found and transformed spaces to major national projects to temporal outdoor structures, especially those in remote or complicated areas where the creators of the space might not be architects. Contemporary performances take place in many spaces outside of traditional theatres, and these can be just as exciting and valid as those in traditional multifunctional performing arts structures made exclusively by architectural firms.

author of Open Call, co-curator: Andrew Todd
designed by Jan Kloss and Matěj Činčera (OKOLO)
6-16 June
Central Hall of the Industrial Palace

The buildings and spaces that come alive for a performance are complex organisms fusing together ancient traditions with new important views. No matter how beautiful or complex a piece of stunning architecture might be, without a connection to the community and the dialogue between the creator and artists using the space, the result might be a lifeless shell of a building.

Performance Space Exhibitions
Australia Flowstate
Australia The Public Cooling House
Brazil Teatro de Contêiner Mungunzá
Brazil Temporary Open-Air Theatre – Unirio
Canada Ryerson School of Performance
China TUO…
China Water Theatre
Colombia Voces para transformar a Colombia 
Czech Republic DOX+
France migration
Germany Reconstruction of the Future
Germany Studio theatre of the Ernst Busch Academy of Dramatic Art
Greece Performance Space as Collective Biography – Theatriki Skini Chiliomodiou
Hong Kong Mario Office
Hungary Eiffel Art Studios
Iran Reviving Atabak Local Street
Israel Hall I + Abra Ensemble
Lebanon Tripoli International Fair
Mexico Imperishable/Abandoned Airplane. México.
New Zealand The Performance Arcade
Poland Levitating Theatre
Republic of Korea Poetic Theatre
Republic of Korea The Stage Design Lab in Yongin University
Russia The Nikola-Lenivets Art Park
Slovakia New Synagogue
South Africa Teatro del Mercado de Navalmoral de la Mata
Spain Sala Beckett / Theatre and International Drama Centre
Spain Teatro del Mercado de Navalmoral de la Mata
Sweden KMH- The Royal College of Music
Switzerland HALL06 (part of HALL33)
Taiwan URS127 Gallery
UK CAVE / Brunel Museum Grand Entrance Hall
Ukraine Theatre on the Podil
United Kingdom Roundabout and The Mix
USA Alley Theatre Renovation
USA Bing Concert Hall
USA Maltz Center for the Performing Arts
USA Reed College Performing Arts Building
USA The Living Stage NYC