PQ in the regions

GASK Artist residence

This residence is a unique opportunity for emerging artists to spend a week in a beautiful medieval city Kutná Hora and create work or simply decompress after the quadrennial event.  Gallery is offering a special gallery tours and architecture tours.  You can stay directly in the spaces of GASK – the Gallery of the Central Bohemian Region, which is housed in the unique premises of the former Jesuit College. The Jesuit College represents an important example of Early Baroque architecture designed by Giovanni Domenico Orsi. It was declared a national cultural monument and added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. Cathedral of St Barbara or the Ossuary in nearby Sedlec are both unforgettable places one should visit while in Bohemia.

There are two accommodation options:
/ Shared accommodation / room with 4 beds/ 300 CZK per night
/ Rent a whole room for 1 000 CZK per night

The accommodation has a limited capacity and we will accept applications on first comes first served bases.

During the residency two main exhibitions will be the focal point of gallery talks as well as inspiration for any performance designer and or performance art professional:

States of Mind-Beyond the Image
is a permanent exhibition stirring up new connections and rewiring our thoughts out of the expected order. The emotional background of the exhibit is opening a discourse with the omnipresent encyclopedic system that influences our understanding of the world around us.

Faces of Expressionism
is an exhibition of German, Czech and Slovenian expressionists introducing works created between 1905 and 1925.

Monika Březinová Seifertová, DiS.
asistentka kurátorského oddělení / assistent curator
m: +420 775 920 320
e: seifertova@gask.cz

Excursion to Historic Theatres

Important note, all places for the excusruion are already booked out!

The Arts and Theatre Institute and invite you on an excursion to the historical theatre houses in south Bohemia and Upper Austria. Following the amazing programme at PQ 2019, the 3-day excursion will take place from Monday June 17 to Wednesday June 19. Specialist in the field of historic theatre architecture will guide you through the region with a rich cultural heritage and take you to visit some of the most beautiful preserved theatre buildings, such as the unique baroque scenery at the castle in Český Krumlov, the oldest preserved Austrian town theatre from the 18th century in Grein, the smallest castle theatre in Bohemia and other important buildings.

Except for the possibility to visit nine amazing theatres, the journey offers you to spend two nights in interesting places, breakfasts and dinners are included. The first evening will bring barbecue on the garden and enough time and place for informal gathering, the second evening in the Weitra (Austria) brings also possibility to visit sauna, infrared cabin or a hotel brewery.

Excursion information
The route: Praha – Mnichovo Hradiště – Kačina – Žleby – Klokočov (overnight) – Litomyšl – Tábor – Nové Hrady – Weitra (overnight) – Grein – Český Krumlov – Praha

Date: June 17– 19 2019
Expert guide: Jiří Bláha
The excursion will be in English or with translation.
Map of the route: https://mapy.cz/s/3pB6S
Accomodation: double rooms, breakfasts and dinners included
Meeting place: Monday June 17 – Street Na Florenci – in the turn of the street, opposite to No 21, at 8:00 am.

Please be on time, the time for parking the bus on the spot is limited.
In the case of any questions, please contact Ondřej Svoboda at ondrej.svoboda@divadlo.cz or by phone 00420 732 517 368.

Theatres on the Trip

Mnichovo Hradiště, palace theatre (1833)
The palace theatre was built for a meeting of three emperors of Holy alliance in 1833. Theatre still has its original stage technique, scenery, parts of the lighting system and costumes.

Kačina, palace theatre (1851)
Theatre of count Chotek was built gradually since finishing the castle in 1820 until opening in 1851. It still preserves stage with high fly tower and counterweights and part of the scenery collection.

Žleby, palace theatre (1865/around 1900)
Tiny private theatre was founded during the big rebuilding of the castle in 1865 and got its present shape around 1900. Theatre collections contain original scenery and costumes, some of them already from 18th century.

Litomyšl, palace theatre (1797)
Small private theatre with completely preserved simple stage machinery, part of lighting system and unique scenery collection by viennese court theatre painter Joseph Platzer.

Tábor, Oskar Nedbal Theatre
Remarkable connection of a town theatre from 1887, with auditorium adapted again in 1930’s, and a new auditorium from 1965, built into courtyard of adjoining house and connected in right angle to the stage of the original theatre.

Nové Hrady, palace theatre
The palace theatre of the Buquoy family from the half of 19th century was adapted in 1950´s. Stage with high fly-tower and interesting counterweight system was restored in 2017–2018.

Weitra, palace theatre
The private theatre in the palace of Fürstenberg family is of a similar type to the previous one. The richly decorated auditorium and parts of the preserved stage machinery are from renovation work carried out in 1885.

Grein, town theatre
The oldest preserved town theatre in Austria was built in 1791 in a part of town-hall building. The auditorium with locked private seats still has its original appearance. Former town prison is now a theatre museum.

Český Krumlov, palace theatre
One of the oldest and best preserved theatres in Europe. The private theatre of the princes of Schwarzenberg from 1766 has been preserved almost completely in its original state, with a diverse range of stage machinery and lighting devices which still work today plus a collection of scenery, props and costumes. Besides the theatre, we will also pay a visit to the theatre museum in the depository rooms with original equipment.