PQ Daily Kit

Reflecting global trends of slow fashion and environmental sustainability, PQ 2019 put the priority on quality over quantity. Being an international festival with many foreign guests, the aim is wanted to present few interesting local and sustainable brands. This is how PQ Daily kit was born. Join us, think globally, act locally!


Write it down to Papelote notebooks!

For Papelote, the paper is not just paper, it is a material with a long and rich tradition. It tells the story and shows the wide range of possibilities awaking the interests of people in its quality. Papelote wants to revive and improve the quality of stationary products and to offer an alternative to the contemporary mainstream production. In limited edition Papelote for PQ we present a set of three notebooks that are functional, simple and still original reflecting golden ration and three phases of creative process, ideas of artistic concept of PQ 2019.



Less is More!

These t-shirts are made of hemp and thanks to its thermoregulation qualities you won´t be cold nor warm. Moreover, they were made in cooperation with young Czech innovative company Bohempia focusing mainly on reviving hemp as a material, using it to produce shoes and clothing. All products are eco and vegan friendly, uniquely made on a local basis in the Czech Republic and Central Europe. You can choose from five types of minimalist t-shirts bearing the idea of the PQ 2019.
Imagination. Transformation. Memory. Emergence. PQ 2019.
Which one you get?


Botas 66 – Sweeper

With Botas 66 you will make it to all the PQ events, in style!

Ten years ago, two students of Graphic Design Jan Kloss and Jakub Korouš managed to refresh traditional Czech sport brand Botas and to create successful concept of modern label that many of our team members fell in love with. Therefore, we have decided to include red-orange Sweeper as part of our PQ Daily Kit. Sweeper is part of the Run product line, which has been inspired by the worldwide jogging culture. Its morphology is based on specific Marathon running models produced under the Botas brand in the 1980s. Contemporary shoes Run is structurally and materially adapted to the needs of today’s lifestyle and comfort for all-day wear.



Stay hydrated throughout the festival without unnecessary plastic bottles!

SodaStream has been working for a long time to help create a world without unnecessary consumption of beverage PET bottles and cans. The whole brand is “Earth Friendly” and is committed to continually refining and manufacturing environmentally friendly products that have a positive impact on our environment. Together we have created an original 1liter Fuse bottle made of healthy BPA-free plastic for unlimited reuse. Moreover, SodaStream is taking care of a refill station in PQ pop-up food zone.



Do you think PQ is overwhelming and you can’t make it without coffee? Take it with you!

227 ml KeepCup mug in colors of PQ 2019 is perfect for any type of coffee form espresso, ice coffee to cappuccino. With this reusable cup you can take coffee with you anywhere without wasting disposable products. KeepCup is ecological and non-toxic and it will last until the next Prague Quadrennial.



Are you in Prague for the first time or looking for some cool tips?

Superguide is the first sincere guide to Prague compiled by Prague residents. We are excited that a large number of foreign participants come to the festival and we would like to help them around with some tips by locals. Written and illustrated by the locals, printed in Prague, but thinks completely of everyone!