DISK Theatre

Adress: Karlova 26, Prague 1

DISK Theatre is a part of the Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts (DAMU). It is a classic repertory theatre with a permanent ensemble made up of final-year students from the Department of Dramatic Theatre. DISK is also where students from DAMU’s Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre present their performance projects. Non-repertory events include festivals organized by students from the school’s other departments.

The theatre’s operations are traditionally ensured by DISK’s employees and the school’s students – directors, dramaturges, scenographers, costume designers, and production staff. Students from the Department of Theory and Criticism join with audiences to organize DISK_USE, during which audiences can meet the entire production team.

In terms of facilities and equipment, DISK is a multifunctional space that is easily adapted to all of the students’ artistic needs. Its variability and technical equipment rank it among the country’s most modern theatres, and its variegated repertoire has enabled DISK to attract a diverse audience that appreciates not only the ensemble’s great acting and excellent production quality, but also the service and menu at the neighboring Kafe DAMU.