Refugees and visitors as the main characters of this real/virtual theatre. Opportunity of choice - to be protagonist of the play or not, to observe or to cooperate.

Different languages, different people in "an indefinable distance and immeasurable time"** and the students as a guides in the journey to the memory and imagination.

*All process will be shared on an interactive social media platform - MEDEA/MEDIA, created for this exhibition and managing by the students not only during PQ but also before and after.

** David Kakabadze (Georgian avant-garde artist and set designer). Two Conceptions of the Space. Tbilisi, 1983
"in an indefinable distance and immeasurable time"

The Georgian student exhibition is based on the historical and mythological roots of contemporary Georgia and at the same time is linked to the PQ 2019 theme, which is inspired by the highest prize, Golden Triga. Colchis - the land of the Golden Fleece, destination of the Argonauts and home to Medea, is the present-day western Georgia, the part of which - Abkhazia, nowadays is occupied by Russia. Emerging designers from Georgia are creating imaginary new reality on the bases of historical and personal memory. Mixed, multilayered system unifying past and future, natural and artificial, local and global is connecting epochs, uniting people and making common place in between of reality and virtuality.*

In the process of seeking the forms fitting the epoch, the idea of time collection and space unification, as the way of modeling a new reality, is essential for young generation. Reflecting the situation, under the influence of echnological expansion they are using ways and methods, that are fundamentally changing usual space-time continuum, creating a new aesthetical narrative - an absolutely new interrelation of text, object, image, background, performer, recipient... Combining a desired background with live foreground action, merging imaginary environment, lost landscapes, sequence of photos, and videos, antic text (Medea) and recipients, artists are forcing specific space to perceive more than it can do. Presented as a dynamic system that can transform and distort, it begins to spread, expand and join the game with imagination, time and boundaries.

Country/Region Georgia

Curator Ketevan (Keti) Shavgulidze

Artists Nanka Esiava, Nina Jandieri, Mariam Khachapuridze, Tiko Megrelishvili, Mari Nakani, Giorgi Orakhelashvili, Ilia Sajaia, Sofia Sharia

photo Gogi Alexi-Meskhishvili Design School