House Beating

The performance-installation setup Form Parkour by Hygin Delimat / Body Architects consists of the touring work House Beating with the elements of the recent "Architektur+Tanz”, adapted to the unique character of the Exhibition Grounds. The emerging performance-parkour experience consists of the unique bodily language of Body Architects, live percussive music and original wood and metal installations by Austrian artists.
House Beating is a transmedial performative artwork romancing with modern architecture. A collective of artists reinterprets Le Corbusier’s and Xennakis’ revolutionary concepts of performing space, and recontextualizes them in the contemporaneity. The piece anticipates the moment of emergence, creation, construction. Powerful physical choreography explores borderline, architecture-like possibilities of the body in a presence of a giant, organically morphing wooden structure.
Architektur+Tanz is an exhibition-performance revolving around the intersection of architecture and dance produced by afo architekturforum oberösterreich. 2 large exhibits will be placed and integrated within the “Form Parkour”.
Body Architects is a new interdisciplinary performing arts company with dance at its core, founded by Hygin Delimat. It consists of athletic performers of mixed backgrounds who integrate contemporary dance together with the freshest movement arts: bboying, tricking, parkour, alongside musicians, visual artists. Body Architects are extremely physical in their expression. They are on a quest for revealing poetry in places where forms intersect.

08 06 2019 15:00
09 06 2019 11:45

Direction / Choreography / Dance / Production: Hygin Delimat
Choreography / Dance: Elias Choi-Buttinger
Drums: Anna Maria Chlebus
Drums: Alex Georgiev
Petzold Flute, Performance: Schayan Kazemi
Art Installation, Performance: Andreas Buttinger
Performance: Weng Teng Choi-Buttinger
Performance: Łukasz Czapski
Art Installation: Stefan Brandmayr
Art Installation: Matthias Tremmel

Country Austria, Poland

Artists Body Architects

08 06 2019 15:00
Where PEG 7

09 06 2019 11:45—17:15
Where PEG 7