The immersive installation ZRwhdZ has been created especially for the Prague Quadrennial by Krista and Reinis Dzudzilo, a duo of young Latvian stage designers / visual artists whose work is characterized by purity of space and clarity of idea.

ZRwhdZ follows the leitmotiv of this year’s Quadrennial – memory, imagination and transformation. It is inspired by the period composer Richard Wagner spent in Riga working on the model of the perfect music theatre, later fully realized in Bayreuth. Is there anything new about Wagner which we could highlight, or present the Quadrennial viewers with? What unites such different scales: that of the young artist with that of the "great" Wagner?

Inspired by the famous quote from Wagner’s final opera, Parsifal – "Zum Raum wird hier die Zeit" or "Here Time Becomes the Space", in ZRwhdZ the artists consider space as a temporal moment, when a new world is born and is dying, the beginning and the end merging into one. Together with composer Krists Auznieks and musical instruments maker Aleksandrs Maijers, Dzudzilo explore the principles of Wagner’s theatre - where sound rises from beneath the feet and travels up to the vocal chords of the singer - and transform them into their own version of ideal theatre inviting to step inside of it and be transfixed by the sound.

Country/Region Latvia

Presenting Organization New Theatre Institute of Latvia

Curator Gundega Laivina

Artists Krista Dzudzilo, Reinis Dzudzilo, Krists Auznieks

photo Dzudzilo