On the spaciously wide stretched square in front of the industrial palace, we install ourselves. At day time a vivid corridor, packed with spectators and performers alike, at night empty and still exhaling the excitement. We acknowledge this setting as our context and try to establish our own stretched out temporality as well as our own somewhat overlapping locality. Our resource is straw; a uniform matter. It demonstrates its texture through the same nature it also consists of. It is a biological agent that is a reject product of cereal production. Packed in handy units, sized by an industrialized agricultural process. Interchangeable with each other’s, like bits and bytes, they form the basic module of construction. The emerging forms are structures that serve as scenographic topographies creating points of attention or collecting spectators on a sinuous slope. Like an infrastructure they can be used by anybody. They also, depending of the current shape, provide an overview over the territory. During the time of the event the straw stack sneaks over the square. During this conversion it acquires different shapes. It transforms from an undirected platform to a aligning tribune. Further to an arena, where the spectators look at each other and even further to a catwalk, where the overview is lost to expansion. It nourishes from its own ruinous decay and feeds its construction site. It is constantly built and destroyed by all of us.

09 06 2019 10:00 Plaza
Continues 10 06 2019

Demian Jakob
Nicolas Rothenbühler

Country/Region Switzerland

09 06 2019 10:00
Where Plaza