LEGOrytmus is a production for streets, parks or squares. Through studying the theme of sports, LEGOrytmus shows us how we can think about the current society. The performance draws inspiration from the Olympics, Spartakiades, and aerobics to show with movements familiar to all of us a weird group of sportsmen who are trying real hard to reach their sport goals with unexpected means. The piece balances between order and absurdity. With a strong visual identity due to the costumes at the flag’s colours, the geometrical props used as replacement to the usual sport equipment, and the sculptural compositions of the bodies, it questions what is form, formation, duty, order, convention, submissiveness, conformity, rhythm, performance. On the special occasion of the Prague Quadriennale, LEGOrytmus will change proportions and take the shape of an event! Expect many sportsmen taking you back in time to better question the present. It will start with a short introduction about the historical context of the Spartakiades during the communist regime in Czechoslovakia. This introduction will take place in the very special Studio ALTA, unmissable place for contemporary dance and physical theatre in Prague. The event will then continue with a walk through the industrial halls surrounding Studio ALTA punctuated by sculptural bodies in architecture. The whole event finishing by the performance itself taking place in front of the Industrial Palace: Výstaviště.

11 06 2019 10:00
Studio Alta

Director, Scenographer, Costumes: Marie Gourdain
Performer: Lukáš Karásek
Performer: Florent Golfier
Performer: Štěpána Mancová
Performer: Sabina Bočková
Music: Aid Kid
Costumes: Martina Steiglerová
Technical support: Štěpán Hejzlar
Producer: Lucie Fabišiková
Artistic support: Lucia Kašiarová

Country/Region Czech Republic

Artists tYhle & Studio ALTA

11 06 2019 15:00
Where Studio Alta