The passage of Pedestrian A as s/he undertakes the journey from Point X to Destination Y featuring Pedestrians B & C, the urban landscape and other unforeseen circumstances. What happens when one’s usual circulation route is interrupted, disrupted, or otherwise altered? Circle-lation is a series of interventions which alter the environment of the Plaza linking various PQ locations. These alterations attempt to change the circulation routes of visitors and pedestrians in the area, sometimes subtly; sometimes whimsically; sometimes aggressively. It questions the choice of using shortest and/or most efficient route to get from one point to another, and instead asks the pedestrian to pay attention to the urban space that he or she inhabits.

09 06 2019 09:00 Plaza

Creator/Performer: Silei Chan
Assistant: Daniel Sim

Country/Region Singapore

09 06 2019 09:00
Where Plaza