A sculptural performance designed for public space, Lineage opens with Longva+Carpenter standing back-to-back in matching saffron dresses with extra-long trains. The women walk apart, so slowly, their movement almost imperceptible; over many hours, more is gradually revealed as the long train connects them, inscribed with contrasting pink text. The train extends, shifting its scope from garment to banner, from body to assembly. The unfurling line of the dress becomes a mark, a measure, a bond and a lure. Line is further considered as a vector of lineage through history. Can the dress-as-banner echo the many Women’s Movements into our current context? The women, resilient and determined, tug the dress to full tension for the quote to be readable, actuating a poetic feminism and activist ideology. After researching many inspiring slogans of the historic suffragettes, the artists chose a quotation from female writer Ryan Graudin, to include a contemporary and inclusive political vernacular. The sculptural garment, claiming space and reclaiming our voice, will serve as both a protest sign and a signifier of protest. Today’s feminist discourse is layered on top of many actions, conversations and declarations before. This conceptual layering through time becomes a visible repeat in a single strong line with an embedded message. The oversized and shared dress suggests this moment as a metaphor of moments past, and the directionally of moving into our shared future. This is our "Lineage".

08 06 2019 14:30

Terese Longva
Laurel Jay Carpenter

Country/Region USA, Norway

Artists Longva + Carpenter

08 06 2019 14:30
Where Plaza