Deform Amoibe is a sculpture of flexible material designed for a human body. The combination of hard (plastic) and soft (textile) provides a movable space, in which remarkable forms can be created. The performer is engaged in an exchange with the material that reacts to her movements. Amoibe is a Greek word for change and indicates a single-celled organism that can change its form. The performance switches between a view of the individual to a synchronized movement of the group. The performers are using all their senses to animate the sculpture and place it at the location grounds between the audiences. The sculpture can become a wall, that excludes, enclosed or compassionately merged. The sculpture can remind you of a fleshy skin or the lacquer layer of a red Ferrari, by which it explores the boundaries between man, nature and object.

07 06 2019 12:30 Na Florenci

08 06 2019 15:00 U Obecniho dvora
15:30 Memorial Kafka

09 06 2019 12:30 Na Prikope
13:00 U Prasne Brany

10 06 2019 12:30 National Library of Technology

11 06 2019 12:00 Metro Station Zelivskeho

12 06 2019 12:30 Kampa Park

13 06 2019 12:20 Prague Palace

Artist: Iris Woutera de Jong
Movement Developer: Ymke Fros
Performer: Flora Nacer
Performer: Hannah Sophie Alkemade
Performer: Anna Riley-Shepard
Performer: Rosanna Boom Ter Steege
Performer: Denise Verschut
Videographer: Veerle Boekestijn
Videographer: Kyra van der Hil
Music: Joris Cohen
Production: Terry Breys
Production: Marja Vink

Country/Region The Netherlands

Artists Iris Woutera

07 06 2019 12:00
Where Metro Station Florenc