With what is sometimes considered an ‘ecosophic’ theatre, I explore through my installations and performances the relationship between man and nature, a theatre-as-lab-assistant that puts the spectator in the role of observer in front of a foreseen staging turned terrarium. A universe that brings together human and animal, daydream and material, sounds and words, the solitary and the group.

Indelibly fed by the visual arts, my shows are indivisible from their scenography, which is an integral element of the writing and scoring process. They are born from thinking of landscapes and imagining micro-worlds into which I can plunge the actors — spaces in which tiny communities must make up lives for themselves in any possible circumstance.

Constructed from various tableaux vivants— from the snowy forest of Mélancolie des Dragons, to the bogs of Swamp Club all the way through the caverns in La Nuit des taupes — these shows have been dreamt up for the past fifteen years and have travelled the globe.

Once more, for this pavilion, it is the landscape that will act as my guide. A dream space around the theme of the deserted island will be the source of inspiration for this next adventure. I imagine an immersive installation-diorama, one that propels the visitors into the experience of life within an insular microcosm, a kind of imaginary, utopic or dystopic society.

Philippe Quesne
Curator, Artist Dramaturg and Director of Nanterre-Amandiers, centre dramatique national

Country/Region France

Presenting Organization ARTCENA, French National Center for Circus, Street and Theatre Arts, with support from the French Ministry of Culture, Institut français Prague, in coproduction with Nanterre-Amandiers.

Curator Philippe Quesne

photo Manuel Obadia-Wills, Martin Argyroglo