3 Catastrophes I happily Survived

These experiences have changed my life; I made 3 different approaches, one for each catastrophe.

First catastrophe (Fukushima):
A realistic and imaginative approach in Fukushima staging the experience of what it is to be like inside the nuclear reactor at this moment. Between research and my imagination of what’s happening. Mutated animals, people cleaning, people can feel the space, the radiation by low frequency sounds.

Second catastrophe (London):
A stylized meditational moment inside the millisecond of the bomb blast inside the bombed train in London. How it is to be inside a split second extended 8 minutes long. People can meditate with a bomb blast and expecting something not really sure what’s coming. This bomb blast made me change my mind and clear my goal in life.

Third catastrophe (Mexico City):
Surviving Mexico city as a child, staging it as I remember it, a model of Mexico city being struck by a washing machine, a story in a humorous way and yet really serious of how my mother help me out of my crumbling house and how a washing machine took my grandmothers place in life.

Concept, direction, scenography: Rodo Guadarrama
Dramaturgy: Andri Perl
Sound architect: Olav Lervik / Luca Magni
Costume designer: Daphne Casterns
Actor: Dominick Baumann / Rodo Guadarrama / Kirill Tscheluchin
Singer: Astrid Alexander
Technician / light: Andreas Fichtner
Assistant: Will Mcneice

Curatorial Team Zürcher Hochschule der Künste (CH)

15 06 2019 13:00—14:00
Where DISK Theatre

15 06 2019 15:00—16:00
Where DISK Theatre