Hamlet’s Night

Each of Shakespeare's characters is invited to encounter their own inner night. This operation could allow them to confront their own shadows. However, the journey requires moving through loneliness and suffering. The characters keep waiting at the threshold of the trial and repeatedly avoid to accept the invitation. Each of their words and gestures become jittery signals full of pretence and calculations, vain irony and vindications.

Hamlet, or how clear sight is arrested before the dark night of the soul.

Hamlet’s Night is a collective production of the graduates of JAMU’s Physical Theatre Department. It is an adaptation of Shakespeare's text, based on the means of dance and physical theatre. During the creative process, the creators focused mainly on building the individual characters: their specific movement expression, and their interrelations through a series of dance duets. Our essential starting point was not just the characters’ attitude towards death but also how the performers imagined their own death. This insight into the personal worlds of the performers constituted a second level in the performance: one based on direct contact with the audience, the destruction of the theatricality and, therefore, a reflection of Hamlet's story and its core issues.

Director – Pierre Nadaud;
Dramaturgy – Karolina Ondrova;
Scenography – Judita Mejstrikova;
Assistant of Scenography – Jakub Ruzicka;
Lighting Design – Jonas Garaj;
Production – Michaela Zemcikova;
Music and Sound Design – Tomas Hrubis;
Sound – Vojtech Kriz;
Performers – Daniel Kvasnovsky, Lucie Hrochova, Matous Adam, Nikola Dubovanova, Michal Nagy, Pavla Koprivova, Rebeka Lonska, Juraj Mitro, Tereza Stachova

Team DF JAMU (Czech Republic)

09 06 2019 19:30—20:50
Where DISK Theatre