[[ WAR-IN-PROGRESS ]] for_rest

A metaphor:
A man
1. enters the forest,
2. gets lost,
3. finds himself alone,
4. discovers a way out,
5. tells his story,
6. and nobody cares.

A surreal quest into the fairytale realm of puppet knights, unseen dragons, little green men, posttraumatic stress syndrome, information war, and a little bit of love.

The performance FOR_REST is a part of a broader experimental documentary theatre project [[ WAR-IN-PROGRESS ]] that has been developed by Relikty hmyzu since 2017. In this project, Relikty continue to seek new creative ways how to reflect on the ongoing war in Donbas, eastern Ukraine, as well as on their own struggle to understand what the heck is going on there. Embarking on their chivalrous adventure from their cozy and safe Central European homes to the spooky Ukraine’s Wild East, they had to claw their way through piles of shattered media reflections, build a bridge over cultural gaps, pass the nerve-racking information overload forest and battle ignorance with compassion. But there ain’t no rest...

Curatorial Team Relikty (CZ)

13 06 2019 15:30—16:00
Where DAMU K222

13 06 2019 17:00—17:30
Where DAMU K222

13 06 2019 18:00—18:30
Where DAMU K222