Ready! Set!

READY! SET! is a wild ride through all the waiting rooms and queues we have been in and will ever be in. In this participatory game across multiple rooms, performers and participants go through rapidly shifting sequences of waiting. Waiting for something to happen, waiting for it to stop, waiting because you have to, waiting to paralyze yourself against the all-consuming finality of everything, waiting to wait, waiting, waiting…

READY! SET! narrativizes existence as a relentless omnibus of waiting, disrupted by fake victories, ultimately adding up to a dramatic nothing. In entering READY! SET!, the participants are cast in a massive ensemble of predetermined characters. Like within institutional geometry, participants are constantly shuffled and sorted according to their assigned identity labels.
During waiting variations, performers confer with one another, contact invisible operators, and instruct the participants via mysterious signaling machines. Broadcasting announcements and giving secret directives, performers choreograph participants’ bodies into lines, shapes and landscapes across fluctuating spacetimes.

Drawing from personal experiences in navigating immigration policies, crowd control mechanisms, identity politics, and creative paralysis, READY! SET! casts the audience at the nucleus of the ecstasy, the dread, and the explosive kinetic energy in the act of waiting.

Curatorial Team Dead Practice (US, KR, TW, PR, CL, BR)

15 06 2019 13:00—14:00
Where DAMU K222/K332

15 06 2019 16:00—17:00
Where DAMU K222/K332