The Library of the Dreamless

There has been a crisis of dreaming.

In a climate of pervasive fear and perpetual uncertainty, sleepers have been seized by recurrent nightmares. Desperate and anxious, the sleepless sleepers began resorting to the BAKU, a device named after the mythological dream-eater that feeds upon nightmares. At first, they were pacified when they found relief as they yielded their nightmares to the BAKU. But soon, they grew dependent on the device, feeding it their dreams and even their hopes. Now, these sleepers dwell in the artificial haze of dreamless stupor, hovering between contentment and despair.

All that is left is The Library of the Dreamless, a repository pieced together from the fragments of dreams that were salvaged from the BAKU. Some sleepers have chosen to make their way to these ruins in hopes of finding new ways to dream again, even if they must risk living their nightmares.

The Library of the Dreamless is an atmospheric site-responsive performance-installation, animated by puppetry. Audiences are invited to inhabit the role of sleepers navigating the uncanny world of the BAKU.

Curatorial Team bakubakubaku (SG, US)

13 06 2019 16:30—17:00
Where DAMU Řetízek

14 06 2019 17:00—17:30
Where DAMU Řetízek

14 06 2019 19:00—19:30
Where DAMU Řetízek