Press paradox

Devised by the theatre group 8lidí, Press Paradox is the result of a long lasting attempt of the group to work on a collective collaborative basis without a director figure above. After working in public spaces, the group shifted its attention to classical theatrical dispositive for the first time.

The starting point for the project was an event that recently shocked global media. The Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko, who flew to Kiev in Ukraine, was assassinated in front of his door.
That would be the case if, one day after the reporter's death, a live Arkady Babchenko would not appear at the press conference announcing his death and claimed that the assasination was staged in cooperation with the Ukrainian Secret Service to avoid a factual assassination.

What are today's journalists threatened with? When to give priority to your personal safety and when to comply with the ethics of the journalists profession?

As a group of non-actors, but theater professionals, we explore the possibilities of performativity and the need to tell out loud our preoccupations in a constantly shifting world.

Curatorial Team DAMU, 8lidí (CZ)

13 06 2019 17:30—18:45
Where DISK Theatre