Inhabiting Noise and Silence

Creating a sound landscape through costumes and the interaction of the public. Inhabiting Noise and Silence is an performance in observing the phenomena of noise and silence considering that we travel between different places and that sounds change constantly.

The sound of the costumes offers an experience of sensations that can modify mood and the posture of the body, but mainly allows attentiveness to the sounds, since when one remains inside the costume the sounds of the outside are perceived differently. The interaction of the body with the wardrobe opens dialogue between noise and silence to create a unique and unrepeatable sound landscape.

The performance begins with the interaction of two actors with the costumes, who then invite the audience to be able to inhabit the costumes to open a dialogue between the sounds of the body, costumes, and surroundings. This project seeks to highlight the importance of sound in our lives, how different soundscapes modify us, and how the actions we perform affect the environment or the people around us.

Curatorial Team independent artist (MX)

13 06 2019 15:00—15:30
Where Rudolfinum

13 06 2019 19:30—20:00
Where Rudolfinum