Brilliant Being

Brilliant Being is an exploration of the human condition of adaptation. It is about a world that is constantly changing around us in ways that are, more often than not, terrifying. We use resiliency and the bonds between ourselves to adapt. The dramatic circumstances are abstract. They follow strong themes of climate change, racism, and tribalism. This production mixes an original score, theatre, and modern dance to create a world for performance which is always changing. It is a digitally produced fantasyscape. Sometimes it is benevolent. Often, it is dangerous, and even terrifying for the characters. The world itself is a character in the production. Special media is used that responds to the movement of the performers, or to their voices. Immediacy and Intimacy is vital to the themes of discovery and adaptation. The visual elements do not only respond to movement; often they push back against the dancers with their own improvisation. The actors know loosely what many of the design elements will do during the performance. Like a commedia script, they must adjust their choices for each performance, and find their way back to the planned story.

Curatorial Team Plymouth State University (US)

13 06 2019 20:30—21:30
Where X10 Theatre