A figure stands alone in a makeshift bedroom littered with remnants of the person they used to be. Staring into the mirror, facing the demons lurking just beyond their reach, a single trickle of blood snakes down their chin. Attempting to rid themselves of the filth (or the truth), they wipe it away, but the blood which pulses inside them will not rest and they continue to bleed. Witnessing the seemingly endless cycle of blood and bandage, the audience quickly become voyeurs in a hidden world of both anatomical and psychological turmoil, watching as the blood becomes both captor and victor in an age-old battle of purge and inevitable transformation.

ANAEMIA is an aesthetic investigation into the design and dramaturgy of blood in performance. While the synthetic substance is often a controlled variant used in choreographed stage combat or Halloween masquerades, the project instead seeks to illuminate the often misconstrued but incredibly potent design opportunities available in its construction. Exposing the mechanics of the design, ANAEMIA asks the audience to both bare witness to a queer ritual of blood and to bathe in the substance itself ā€” if only in their imagination.

Curatorial Team Tooth nā€™ Fang (CA)

09 06 2019 20:30ā€”21:00
Where X10 Theatre