Inheriting Attica

Combining stories of institutional and personal memory, Inheriting Atticaexamines the U.S. Prison Industrial complex through puppetry, visual narrative, and an architectural lens. The Attica Prison riot of 1971, a historic event turned prison lore, has been historically used to justify abusive methods, overly strict punishments, and the development of the super-max prison, a legacy of Jeremy Bentham’s Panopticons. A collision between a first generation U.S. Salvadorean family’s cultural memories and the United States' institutional prison legacy, Inheriting Attica, mixes real events with imaginative interpretations to understand this U.S. lineage and a family's relationship to it.

Curatorial Team OrellanaDesign (US)

09 06 2019 13:00—14:00
Where DAMU Řetízek

09 06 2019 17:30—18:30
Where DAMU Řetízek